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Montenegro, Chinese companies want to cooperate on the next sections of the highway

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Numerous institutions and companies from China want to continue cooperation both on the realization of the next sections of the highway, as well as in other types of traffic, announced the newly appointed Chinese ambassador, Fan Kun.

Fan met with the Minister of Capital Investments, Ervin Ibrahimović, to whom he said that the project for the construction of the first section of the highway, despite all the challenges, the complexity of the project itself, the significant number of buildings on the route itself, showed that together we can realize large, capital, development projects in the true sense of the word.

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“Since the field of energy is now the focus of all countries, it is clear that there is interest in the future plans of Montenegro when it comes to the development of projects of renewable energy sources”, Fan said.

Fan said that even before officially taking office, he knew a lot about Montenegro, about its natural beauties and riches, and after the implementation of the project for the construction of the priority section of the Smokovac – Uvač – Mateševo ​​highway Bar – Boljare, he received only the best from his compatriots and colleagues. impressions of the Montenegrin people and hospitality.

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Fan reminded Ibrahimović of the former intensive cultural cooperation between Yugoslavia and China, thanks to which a large number of Chinese are familiar with the way of life and customs of the people from these areas, as well as the beauty of these areas.

Ibrahimović said that it was a pleasure to hear such good impressions and agreed that the construction of the first section of the highway gave an additional boost to bilateral relations between the two countries.

“Our good relations are proof that the size of the country is not the most important for establishing good relations, how important are good intentions and good communication.” There is always room for improving relations, especially in the area of ​​economic and trade cooperation,” said Ibrahimović, pointing to the need to make additional efforts to bring the tourist offer of Montenegro closer to Chinese citizens.

He said that he believes that there is room to increase activities in that area, and he will certainly support every idea and initiative in that direction.

“When it comes to energy, the fact is that the energy crisis obliged us all to be agile and act quickly, because energy stability is one of the conditions of economic stability. Our country is rich in renewable energy sources, and this is where we see our chance for the realization of large development projects”, said Ibrahimović.

In order to create a good investment framework and a favorable environment for foreign investors, they are currently working on, as he added, a set of legal solutions and strategic documents, such as the National Climate and Energy Plan.

“This is an area for which there is great interest in direct foreign investments, and our task is to work on creating the conditions for the investment flywheel to be realized”, concluded Ibrahimović, local media writes.

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