NewsUrban development and legalization efforts: Tivat's fiscal landscape in review

Urban development and legalization efforts: Tivat’s fiscal landscape in review

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Last year, the Municipality of Tivat amassed a considerable sum of 3,119,487 EUR from land development and construction fees.

Throughout the municipality, there were a total of 155 reported new construction projects, including 11 for public infrastructure like roads, transformer stations, and water systems.

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In 2023, Tivat witnessed the emergence of 118 new family homes, five mixed residential-commercial buildings, eight multipurpose structures, three tourist facilities, and ten collective housing units.

All these projects incurred utility charges, although eight residential developments faced delays in fee payment.

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Individuals contributed 998,993 EUR towards land development fees, while legal entities paid 2,120,494 EUR.

Additionally, the Municipality collected 100,512 EUR in fees for legalizing unauthorized constructions. Out of 33 cases processed, 29 pertained to residential buildings, with the remaining four concerning auxiliary structures.

Efforts were made to compile a list of illegal constructions within Tivat’s jurisdiction, revealing a total of 3,003 such structures. However, only 2,172 legalization proceedings have been initiated since 2017, leaving 831 buildings unaddressed.

The Department of Spatial Planning spearheaded this initiative, utilizing data from cadastral records and orthophoto imagery to identify illegal constructions.

Notably, areas covered by Detailed Urban Plans (DUPs) such as Gradiošnica and Mrčevac saw the highest number of legalization applications.

Despite challenges, the Municipality remains committed to enforcing regulations and ensuring proper urban development within Tivat.

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