NewsTourist trends in Kotor: Current visitor statistics

Tourist trends in Kotor: Current visitor statistics

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In Kotor, there are currently 2,110 visitors, as per the latest figures released by the local Tourist Organization (TO).

“Out of the total number of tourists, 1,480 are lodged in private accommodations, 602 in hotels, and 25 in hostels,” reported the TO to Radio Kotor.

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Among those staying in private accommodations, the majority come from Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Great Britain, and Ukraine. Meanwhile, visitors in hotels predominantly hail from Great Britain, the United States, Turkey, France, and neighboring countries.

“According to the most recent data from the Tourist Information Center, Kotor welcomed 539 excursionists today. Over the past week, the city saw a total of 14,560 excursionists, with 2,720 of them visiting on weekends,” shared the TO.

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The most prominent excursion groups included those from Turkey, the USA, France, Germany, and Great Britain.

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