NewsHerceg Novi plans construction of Olympic-sized swimming pool

Herceg Novi plans construction of Olympic-sized swimming pool

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The Municipality of Herceg Novi is in the process of developing a project for constructing an Olympic-sized swimming pool near the newly established bus terminal in Igalo. This initiative aims to utilize a 22.28 thousand square meter plot, envisioning facilities such as a grandstand with a capacity for a thousand spectators, a two-story parking garage accommodating 300 vehicles, commercial spaces, a gym, spa, locker rooms, and conference facilities.

Official sources from the Office of the municipality’s President, Stevan Katić, disclosed that the estimated cost of the project stands around 20 million euros. However, the precise figure will be determined upon the completion of the main project plan. Despite the nomination of the pool project for inclusion in the 2024 capital budget, it was not featured in the proposed allocation.

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With the deadline for submission of new projects for the 2025 capital budget approaching on March 31st, the Municipality plans to re-submit the Olympic swimming pool project, proposing its value at 20 million euros. There is optimism that the pool project will be incorporated into the final budget proposal by autumn.

Currently, the project is in the conceptual design phase, with subsequent steps involving the development of the main project plan. The Municipality will spearhead this process and subsequently nominate it for the 2025 capital budget. Following the completion of the main project, a tender will be issued for selecting a contractor. The designated plot spans 22.28 thousand square meters, with the Municipality holding full rights to its utilization.

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As per the conceptual design drafted by Studio Grad, the project entails an Olympic-sized swimming pool (51.50m x 25m), alongside an auxiliary pool (25m x 10m), complemented by a grandstand exceeding 1000 seats. Additionally, provisions include a two-story parking facility accommodating around 300 vehicles, commercial establishments, a gym, spa, and conference facilities for journalists and interpreters.

Moreover, the project is expected to position Herceg Novi as a contender for hosting European swimming and water polo competitions, aligned with its recognition as the European City of Sports for the year 2024, conferred in December of the previous year.

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