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Postal operators in Montenegro provided 41.47 million postal services last year, a 14.8% increase compared to 2022

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Postal operators carried out 41.47 million postal services during last year, which is 14.8% more compared to 2022, announced by the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP).

Out of the total number of postal services provided, 96.8% were in domestic postal traffic, while 3.2% were in international traffic.

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“According to the data provided in the reports of the Montenegrin Postal Service, this operator achieved a 14.4% increase in the physical volume of postal services compared to 2022. Out of the total postal services provided, 38.5% were universal postal services, while 61.5% were commercial,” specified by EKIP.

According to the data obtained from the other 25 postal operators, which provide only commercial postal services, the total physical volume of services provided last year increased by 35.5% compared to 2022.

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EKIP stated that the universal postal operator – the Montenegrin Postal Service, still has a dominant role in the postal services market, with its share in the total volume of postal services for last year being 98%, while the share of other operators is two percent.

“However, when it comes to certain types of commercial postal services, this ratio is different, especially when it comes to parcel and express services. In these service markets, significant shares are held by postal operators Montenomaks Control & Logisticsd, NTC Logistics, Express One Montenegro Kingscliffe Distribution Montenegro – DHL,” added in the statement.

There were 26 postal operators in the postal services market in Montenegro last year.

In addition to the Montenegrin Postal Service, which has the right and obligation to provide universal postal services throughout Montenegro’s territory and the right to provide commercial postal services, the other 25 operators provided commercial postal services.

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