NewsDevelopment boom: Kolašin sees surge in hotel construction and infrastructure projects

Development boom: Kolašin sees surge in hotel construction and infrastructure projects

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In Kolašin, over 15 construction sites are currently active, with a total of seven hotels under development, according to Vasilije Ivanović, the deputy mayor of Kolašin.

During an interview on the TVCG program “Mreža,” Ivanović explained that these hotels are being constructed as part of the economic citizenship program, utilizing funds allocated through the Investment Fund. These funds are split, with a portion dedicated to highway construction and another portion directed towards projects in northern municipalities, including Kolašin, to enhance local infrastructure.

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Despite the significant investment activity in Kolašin, Ivanović noted that the municipality had not seen substantial revenue increases thus far.

Looking ahead, Ivanović announced plans for the renovation of the road leading to the ski resort, with a scheduled timeline agreed upon with the Traffic Management Authority. He expressed hope that implementation would commence soon, pending external factors beyond the municipality’s control.

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Furthermore, Ivanović revealed that new villages in Kolašin, such as Velje Duboko and Gornje Lipovo, would receive road infrastructure improvements as part of a million-euro investment initiative. Additionally, several city streets are slated for renovation, with more collaborative projects with the Capital Projects Directorate aimed at further enhancing local infrastructure.

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