NewsMaximizing Montenegro's IT talent influx: Strategies for retention and growth

Maximizing Montenegro’s IT talent influx: Strategies for retention and growth

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Financial analyst Oleg Filipović suggests that Montenegro could optimize the influx of skilled IT professionals who have sought refuge in the country amidst the war turmoil in Ukraine and the political situation in Russia. He advocates for providing them with improved conditions to deter them from relocating to other regional countries.

Speaking to the “Dana” portal, Filipović underscores Montenegro’s acquisition of a significant pool of professionals, emphasizing the need to employ them and offer favorable working environments.

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“We’ve gained a professional workforce that was previously lacking, particularly individuals with extensive experience from Russia and Ukraine. We must leverage this trend by providing employment opportunities across various sectors, including government institutions, banks and potential banking ventures,” explains Filipović.

He emphasizes that these professionals have sought refuge in Montenegro due to war or political unrest.

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“We must strive to retain talent. Although we haven’t invested in their education and experience, we can capitalize on their potential by ensuring conducive conditions. Countries like the United States have embraced talent from Russia and Ukraine, resulting in significant contributions, particularly in the IT sector,” notes the financial analyst.

Filipović highlights the substantial contribution of these professionals to Montenegro’s budget, cautioning that their departure could negatively impact fiscal revenues.

“In February, we already felt the repercussions. Therefore, we mustn’t allow bureaucratic hurdles to drive these professionals away. Many are leaving for Serbia, where conditions are more favorable. It’s imperative for Montenegro to take action to retain this sudden influx of skilled professionals,” concludes Filipović.

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