NewsOptimism rises as new highway route offers relief for Berane

Optimism rises as new highway route offers relief for Berane

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The proposed route for the highway’s third section passing through Berane is currently seen as a much more favorable option for the city compared to the previous valley route, offering relief for many residents. According to the City Architect’s Office speaking to RTCG Portal, inhabitants of major neighborhoods like Lužac, Dolac, and Beranselo can now breathe easy, as the latest plan suggests the highway will follow a hillside or foothill route.

Previously, there was uncertainty about the highway’s path through Berane, causing significant concern among residents. However, the current plan indicates that the highway will not traverse through the valley, thus avoiding any threat to these expanded suburban areas.

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The proposed route, which predominates the foothill variant, is deemed the best option for the highway’s segment through Berane. This alleviates worries for citizens about potential impacts on their properties and homes.

Although the construction of this segment is still far from realization, residents in major urban and suburban areas in Berane are relieved by this development.

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The second segment, from Mateševo to Andrijevica, is expected to commence construction next year. This segment, featuring a tunnel under Trešnjevika and an interchange at the current entrance to the city, is anticipated to be completed relatively swiftly compared to the first segment.

Overall, the advancement of these highway segments signifies a positive shift for northern cities like Berane, potentially leading to improved connectivity and development opportunities in the region.

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