NewsRenowned international companies show interest in Montenegro's highway construction

Renowned international companies show interest in Montenegro’s highway construction

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Renowned global companies have expressed interest in the continuation of the construction of Montenegro’s highway, specifically the second section from Mateševo to Andrijevica. These include Strabag AG, PCCC, Dogus, Cengiz, Azvirt, SDHS, GIM, CCCC, and Baybnet Group.

According to Monteput, it is already known that the Montenegrin Government and the European Commission have reached a preliminary agreement to support the continuation of the Bar-Boljare highway project implementation. Thanks to this, the implementation of the Mateševo-Andrijevica section will be financed through EU funds, loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the state budget.

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“Based on this fact, appropriate procedures have already been initiated to timely select the most favorable bidder for the execution of works based on the so-called Yellow FIDIC book, in accordance with EBRD procurement procedures. Therefore, on April 24, 2024, a call was issued to all interested companies to express their interest, which will be open for 60 days,” stated Monteput.

As part of the pre-qualification call, a clarification meeting was held with representatives of nine leading international companies: Strabag AG, PCCC, Dogus, Cengiz, Azvirt, SDHS, GIM, CCCC, and Baybnet Group.

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“We are pleased with the significant interest shown by international companies in continuing the implementation of the Bar-Boljare highway project, which is also a confirmation that the quality of implementation can be ensured, along with providing new jobs in Montenegro and transferring knowledge and technology,” they added.

Monteput recalls that the Bar-Boljare highway project is part of the indicative expansion of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) in the Western Balkans region, which also entails the application of appropriate standards during implementation.

“The meeting was also an opportunity to reaffirm that the construction of the Bar-Boljare highway is a prime example of an international project, attracting reputable partners from various parts of the world, with financing secured from both national and EU sources,” concluded Monteput.

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