NewsMontenegro, Airport Berane could be a positive game changer

Montenegro, Airport Berane could be a positive game changer

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The project of valorization of the Berane airport and the opening of the Wind Park in this city is getting closer to realization, after a memorandum of cooperation was signed with the German company Elite-private Jet Service. According to earlier announcements, about 45 million EUR will be invested in the airport itself, with an investment of about 30 million in the opening of factories. After the signing of the memorandum, it could be heard that the Berane airport still has all permits and licenses despite not being in operation for 40 years. This, as stated, is its main comparative advantage.

The memorandum was signed In Berane by the President of the Government of Montenegro, Dritan Abazović, the President of the Municipality of Berane, Vuko Todorović, and the German investor and owner of the company Elite-private Jet Service, Mike Steinmiller.

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As previously announced by the Government, Elite Pivate Jet Service, in cooperation with Future World Technologies, plans to put the Berane airport back into operation.

– In accordance with their intentions, they plan to develop the first innovative, self-sustaining airport of the future. As part of their proposal, work will also be done on nano solar technology, and according to the current concept, the planned investment is 30 million EUR, while the investment in the airport is planned for the amount of 45 million EUR, which means that the total planned investment is 75 million – the announcement states.

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Prime Minister Dritan Abazović said that the signing of the memorandum is the first step towards the realization of a historic project for Montenegro, which is the return to function of the Berane airport.

– The state, with the great support of the Municipality and in cooperation with the interested investor, will do everything to complete the administrative procedures as soon as possible in order to start the implementation of the project that has wider national importance, which is the Berane Wind Park. The investor informed us that it is not just about getting the airport back into operation in terms of aviation operations, but that there will be a couple of compatible energy related businesses with nano technology that will make the airport fully energy independent. Compared to other systems – said Abazović.

According to him, it is a project that will open a new perspective and hundreds of direct jobs.

– If these compatible businesses are connected, I believe that the multiplier effect will be much wider and greater – he added.

Abazović stated that the company Elite-private Jet Service is a credible investor that is connected to other large companies from Germany and the European Union, so the realization of the project will be a new beginning for Berane.

– I must say that we still approach all this with a certain amount of caution. However, at no time will the state make any move in any way to discourage anyone. This is our debt to this city, its citizens, and the state. I believe that, if this project were to be realized, which I believe will happen, it would be a game changer at the level of the entire country – said Abazović.

It remains to overcome some issues concerning the concession or public-private partnership, and as he said, they will decide on the model that will be faster and more efficient for the investor, but also for the state and the municipality.

When asked when the airport can be expected to open, he stated that the investor could start working tomorrow, however, the administration must complete the study, tender, concession, and approvals from the Civil Aviation Agency.

– Therefore, I would not like to bid with the opening date. I would like to mention that the airport in Berane has an advantage that no one should forget, which has been a comparative advantage all these years. It is an airport that still has its licenses and permits, regardless of the fact that it has not been in operation for 40 years – concluded Abazović.

The President of the Municipality of Berane, Vuko Todorović, also expressed his satisfaction with the signing of the agreement.

– I consider the signing of the memorandum to be the initial step by which we finally put an end to the story of the activation of the airport in Berane. This investment will be a great economic boost for our municipality, but also for the entire country. In addition to the airport, we will also have two factories, where one relates to modern nano technologies, where we will have the opportunity to make the airport energy independent – said Todorović.

This, he stated, will attract additional investments to this city.

– The agreement is that a working group will soon be formed, which will consist of representatives of the Government, the municipality and investors, and which will deal with technical issues, and I am sure that the state and the municipality will give their full contribution in the administrative sense and in every other sense, so that the implementation can be started as soon as possible. Project – he concluded.

The representative of the company Elite-private Jet Service, Mike Steinmiller, said that the memorandum was signed after numerous talks with the Government, the Municipality of Berane, companies and investors.

– By opening the airport, we will not only create hundreds of jobs for the region, but we will also manage to bring new production and new technologies here. Montenegro is a country at a turning point, and the development of the airport is the best example of how a region can change. With new sustainable technologies and many jobs, I guarantee that your young people will stay here to live and work – said Steinmiller.

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