NewsLjubljana Interenergo is a new participant in the stock market of Montenegro

Ljubljana Interenergo is a new participant in the stock market of Montenegro

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Interenergo, a company based in Ljubljana, successfully completed the registration process on the stock market of Montenegro and became the fourteenth participant in BELEN’s markets, i.e. the seventh participant outside Montenegro.

Interenergo is one of the largest energy companies in Slovenia, part of the Austrian Kellag Group since 2009. The main activities of this company are electricity trading, construction and management of renewable energy power plants. Interenergo trades electricity in 17 countries and on 14 electricity exchanges, and invests in production from renewable energy sources in 6 European countries.

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The goals of Interenergo are the development of projects and solutions that create additional value for their partners and the market, actively monitoring market trends and integrating them into their own business model, increasing production from renewable energy sources, trading on continental European markets, as well as providing advanced services and of flexible electricity supply in the region – it was announced from the Electricity Exchange.


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