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Montenegro, Focus in the coming period, when it comes to big energy projects, will be on renewable energy sources

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No major energy facility has been built in Montenegro for more than 40 years, and the focus in the coming period, when it comes to projects like this, will certainly be renewable energy sources. And while the planning documentation for Ulcinj is holding up the construction of the solar power plant (SE) Briska gora and we are still waiting for the tender for the SE Velje brdo, the initiative for the construction of solar and wind power plants has been launched by several private investors. These are multi-million dollar investments, so more than EUR 350 million will be invested in just one solar power plant in Cetinje.

As we could hear from the Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ana Novaković Đurović at one of the Government sessions, the simplification of the legal procedure for the construction of facilities for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources has already produced results in practice.

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– The interest of investors is really high, the percentage of installation of solar panels is increasing, and we received four new requests for the construction of solar power plants, as well as one for the wind park in Pljevlja. It is important that we now have legal procedures in this area and the possibility to bring this story to an end. It would be good if next year we have a certain construction of a larger facility, especially a solar power plant – said the minister.

Judging by the plans, investors see the greatest potential in Cetinje, where the construction of four solar power plants has been announced.

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Thus, it was already announced in December that the company M Energy plans to build solar power plants in Cetinje and Nikšić, for which they were issued urban planning and technical conditions.

As stated, the total area of the sites is approximately 13,000,000 m², and according to the analyzes conducted by the investor, it was determined that the maximum possible capacity of future solar power plants is approximately 385 MW.

The solar power plant in Šavnik will be built by Sunrise Europe, and the maximum possible capacity of the future energy facility is approximately 220 MW.

The investment in Cetinje was also announced by the company Renewable Energy Sources, which will build a power plant on 440 hectares. The potential amount of energy produced is 306.20 GWh per year, while the maximum possible capacity of the future solar power plant is 225 MW of total installed power.

Urban planning and technical conditions have also been issued to the Sun Horizon company, which will also build a solar power plant in Cetinje. CWP Europe, the leading company for the development of renewable energy projects in Southeastern Europe and Australia, is behind this investment, and it will invest around EUR 360 million in the Montechevo solar power plant. This is the first project of this company in Montenegro.
According to announcements, that company, in cooperation with business partners from Hungary, will build a solar park and a wind park on the Vuča site, and will invest in the development of animal husbandry and agriculture, including plant production.

As Radio Rožaje writes, the value of the project is estimated at over EUR 200 million, and if it is realized, at least 50 jobs will be created.

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