NewsIn Montenegro, there is no brick factory, despite immense potentials for production

In Montenegro, there is no brick factory, despite immense potentials for production

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In strategic plans and documents, clay deposits are considered a significant developmental potential for the municipality of Berane, but even after 16 years, nothing has been done to restart brick production in this city. This has not happened despite the fact that well-known and explored sites of suitable clay for brick production are located in Budimlja, Jasikovac, and Polica, covering an area of 30 hectares with estimated reserves of over six million cubic meters.

“Clay deposits are a significant raw material from a developmental perspective, especially considering the constant increase in demand and consumption of brick products in Montenegro. Only at the Jasikovac site, clay reserves are 1.3 million tons, and prospective reserves are 2.1 million tons. Building a roof tile factory would be sufficient for domestic needs. In Montenegro, there is no brick factory, and it is possible to offer a wide range of products by activating it: ceramic blocks, assembly bricks, fert girders, insulation blocks, solid and lattice bricks, and similar products,” states the government’s strategy related to the utilization of ores and mineral resources.

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Local authorities state that they will support any healthy idea to utilize clay deposits and build new brick factories. However, they emphasize that implementing such ideas is not within their jurisdiction.

“We know that there are large reserves of brick clay in the Berane area, and this resource should be utilized. However, a private investor bought the former Brick Factory’s property and now manages it. We are not aware of the investor’s intentions with that property, but we are ready to support any idea to rebuild a brick production plant, either on that site or elsewhere. We remain open to any discussions and assistance for investors who express interest and the need to invest in our city, especially in terms of production and opening new sustainable jobs,” states the local authorities.

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Berane had a brick production facility even before World War II. However, the Brick Factory, the oldest economic collective in the city on the Lim River, was privatized in 2005 by the company Katel from Podgorica, owned by Petar Đurišić. In March 2008, he decided to halt production and demolish the halls completely, claiming to build a modern factory in the same location. However, promises remained unfulfilled despite interventions from government and municipality representatives. The entire story ended with bankruptcy, and workers were directed to the employment bureau. Since then, the factory’s assets have been on sale 17 times, and eight years ago, a Berane resident, Nikola Obradović, bought the Brick Factory for 145,000 euros.

After all this time, former workers of the Berane Brick Factory are asking the responsible authorities in the government whether they intend to provide incentives for building a brick production plant in Berane, 16 years after their factory was demolished.

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