NewsConcessionaire Pledges Sustainable Water Management and Ecological Responsibility at Brskovo Mine

Concessionaire Pledges Sustainable Water Management and Ecological Responsibility at Brskovo Mine

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The company Tara Resources, managing the Brskovo mine opening project, is fully aware of the importance of water quality in Mojkovac and the local community.

Our company is fully committed to environmental responsibility, sustainability, and the well-being of the community in which we operate. We are aware of the recent environmental incident involving the discharge of wastewater from the lake below the former ore processing area at the Brskovo mine and its potential impact on the Rudnica and Tara rivers. Although we have observed that this contamination is not within the concession area of our project, we offer support in identifying and remedying the pollution.

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Tara Resources also acknowledges that the former activities of the Brskovo mine were never fully remediated, and low-quality water continues to leak from old mining tunnels into the Rudnica river. The new Brskovo mine is specifically designed to capture all the polluted water from the previous mining area and utilizes a water treatment facility through two stages to ensure that any discharged water is treated according to the highest standards prescribed by Montenegrin laws and in line with international guidelines. With the integrated planned system for managing waste and water from reservoirs, the water treatment facility will ensure that there is no surface or groundwater contamination.

Comprehensive water quality monitoring programs will be shared with regulators and the public to demonstrate the effectiveness of the planned water management measures. Once operational, we are confident that the water management system of the Brskovo mine will be a best practice example in managing the quality of industrial water in Montenegro.

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Tara Resources looks forward to continuing transparent and proactive collaboration with the Government of Montenegro, the Municipality of Mojkovac, the local community, and all stakeholders to enhance the development of the Brskovo project. This project has the potential to provide significant employment and economic benefits to Northern Montenegro, while ensuring the best international practices in environmental protection, including addressing ecological impacts from previous mining activities.

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