NewsBlue Cave, a natural landmark of Montenegro, will be used in sustainable...

Blue Cave, a natural landmark of Montenegro, will be used in sustainable way

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The municipality of Herceg Novi expresses its willingness to get involved in solving the problem and take over the management of the Blue Cave, with the aim that this natural landmark of Montenegro will be protected and used in a sustainable way, which is in the public interest, and that it will continue to be valued as a unique tourist attraction. , but according to a model that will ensure the safety of visitors and vessels, the President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katic, told Boka News.

The Boka News portal investigated the problem of visiting the Blue Cave during the tourist season, which is escalating year by year and instead of a tourist attraction, it is becoming an example of poor organization and conservation of natural resources.

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The President of the Municipality of Herceg Novi points out that he is familiar with the problems that occur during the summer when visiting the Blue Cave, when hundreds of boats, not only from Herceg Novi, but also from other cities, bring tourists to tour one of our most beautiful natural phenomena.

– During the meetings with the representatives of the Public Enterprise for the Management of Marine Assets, we initiated the resolution of this issue several times, because we are afraid that due to the lack of rules and regulations for visits to the Blue Cave, there is a danger that some unpleasant situation will occur. I believe that the first prerequisite for regulating this issue should be the granting of a concession for the management of visits to the Blue Cave, which is the responsibility of the Public Company for the Management of Marine Assets as the entity that manages the coastal zone. The proposal that I see as the most realistic solution is that the management be entrusted to the Municipality of Herceg Novi, on whose territory the Blue Cave is located, or to the Agency for the Management of the City Harbor Škver – said Katic.

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In this way, the local administration or the Agency, in cooperation with the Maritime Safety Administration and the Port Authority, would establish order through the definition and application of rules – both about the number of vessels that can enter the Blue Cave at the same time, and to make it safe, as well as about the sequence of entries and exits, and the limited time the vessel stays in the cave. Looking at examples of good practice from other countries, we saw that this is a model that already works well in Croatia, Katic points out.
He reminded that at the session of the Assembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi in 2018, the Decision was adopted on determining the location for the construction of a local object of general interest – the access road to the Blue Cave on Luštica, Municipality of Herceg Novi (Official Gazette of Montenegro – municipal regulations, no. 037/18 of October 19, 2018).

– This Decision determines the location with the elements of urban planning and technical conditions for the construction of a local object of general interest – the access road to the location consisting of parts of cadastral plots number 3420/1 and 3420/12 K.O. Radovanići on Luštica. Therefore, it is a decision that is the basis for designing an access road from the existing local road Radovanići – Rt Veslo to the location on Luštica near the Blue Cave, and not to the cave itself, because that is neither possible nor was the intention of this decision – he said is the president of the Municipality of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić.

The Blue Cave Is one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in Montenegro. It is located on the Luštica peninsula towards the open sea, and territorially belongs to Herceg Novi. It is located between Zlatna luka bay and Cape Mokra gora.

The largest In a series of caves on the Luštica peninsula, it differs from all other caves in this part of the Adriatic with its marvelous beauty.

It got Its name because of the crystal blue color of the sea, which is created by the reflection of the sun’s rays, giving the impression that the water is shining from the depths of its interior. It provides a special atmosphere to visitors.

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