The value of realized payment transactions in February is EUR 1.38 billion

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The value of realized payment transactions for 20 working days in February amounted to EUR 1.38 billion, which is 18% more than in January, according to data from the Central Bank (CBCG).

Of that, 93.63% was realized in the Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system, and the rest in the Deferred Net Settlement (DNS) system.

In the RTGS system, individual payment transactions between participants are performed on a gross basis in real time, and in the DNS system, interbank payment transactions are made on a net basis in delayed time.

– In February, 987.15 thousand orders were executed in 20 working days, of which 36.67% were in the RTGS system, and the rest in the DNS system – the CBCG report states.

The average daily volume of realized payment transactions in the RTGS and DNS system, expressed through the number of orders, amounted to 49.36 thousand orders, while the average daily value of payment transactions amounted to EUR 68.9 million.

In February, for 10.9 thousand minutes of production, there were no downtimes in the system, so its availability was 100%.

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