NewsThe bridge over river Bojana will connect Montenegro and Albania with 30...

The bridge over river Bojana will connect Montenegro and Albania with 30 kilometers of beach

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The bridge over river Bojana will connect 30 kilometers of beach and create a region that will be the new Antalya, said the President of the Municipality of Ulcinj, Omer Barjaktari.

At the meeting of the Governments of Montenegro and Albania, the agreement between the two countries to build a bridge over the Bojana River by 2024 that will connect Ulcinj and the summer resort of Velipolje in Albania was confirmed.

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Barjaktari considers that project to be one of the biggest visionary projects in the last 30 years that concern the Municipality of Ulcinj.

– It is a big project both for Ulcinj and Montenegro and for our connection with Albania, the touristic and economic future of our country. It will be a catalyst for our touristic and economic activity and I think this will turn Ulcinj and Velika plaja into the bearer of the development of the whole of Montenegro – said Barjaktari.

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The bridge will shorten the road to Albania by 70 kilometers, it will be 310 meters long and about 4 meters wide. It will cost around EUR 20 million.

– It will be an important project for us and for Albania, but also for the entire region. It will also be a new symbol of the mobility of citizens and the economy. I think that’s a real hit. The bridge will cost around EUR 20 million. I think that this price is not big in relation to the importance of the project because Ulcinj will get a new border crossing and a new value. It brings us closer to the airport in Tirana, it will be almost as far away as the airport in Podgorica and that is one of the advantages for Ulcinj. It will also contribute to the attraction of foreign direct investments in the municipality of Ulcinj – said Barjaktari.

He states that by connecting Ulcinj and Velipolja, the bridge will connect 30 kilometers of beach, which, as he said, can be the new Antalya.

– This bridge creates a unique region almost 30 kilometers long. Namely, 30 kilometers of sandy beach, I think it is the biggest tourist potential in Europe. It can be the new Antalya and something unprecedented in the tourism offer not only of Montenegro but also of the economy of Albania, Croatia and Greece – said Barjaktari.

He believes that this region will be a great opportunity for investments.

– We also spoke with investors from the Middle East who look favorably on this bridge and see Ulcinj and Velipolje as one region and it will be a great opportunity for investments in the coming period – said Barjaktari.

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