NewsThe Bogmerc farm has one of the most modern farms in the...

The Bogmerc farm has one of the most modern farms in the country

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The Bogmerc family farm, which produces milk, owns one of the most modern and technologically equipped farms in Montenegro, and has plans for further expansion, in cooperation with the Investment and Development Fund (IRF).

The owner of Bogmerac, Bogdan Sjekloća, said that in this family farm, whose primary activity is milk production, they have plans for further expansion, modernization and introduction of new technologies.

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– Our plans are aimed at increasing production, expanding capacity, introducing new technologies with the aim of raising the quality of life within the scope of this production – said Sjekloća to the Mina-business agency.

Speaking about the founding of the farm located in Nikšić, he stated that several generations have been engaged in the aforementioned production, which means that dairy cattle breeding is a tradition.

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– There are about 70 heads of all categories on the farm, and 50 milkers – said Sjekloća.

He said that the milk is delivered by Srna dairies, with whom they have a long and fair cooperation.

– We produce 300 tons annually, currently with a plan to increase capacity. For now, everyone from the family is employed on the farm and we have three or four workers who are seasonally active when preparing food – explained Sjekloća.

Speaking about the cooperation with the IRF, he said that it is at the highest level, which implies professionalism, dedication and full understanding of their needs.

– Without modesty, we can state that our development and its very dynamics are directly related to the IRF – said Sjekloća.

He specified that the beneficiaries were several loans, all of which were serviced on time, and most of them were returned.

– We are the users of several credit lines and the cumulative amount is slightly more than half a million EUR – added Sjekloća.

He stated that he has all the most positive recommendations for agricultural producers to engage in cooperation with the IRF.

– IRF is a recognized banking institution in Montenegro when it comes to business, above all with the best products in terms of low interest rates and long grace periods – concluded Sjekloća, local media writes.

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