NewsPossible electricity price increase from next year

Possible electricity price increase from next year

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The price of electricity is low, and the Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) will analyze the situation and consider an increase in the price of electricity, but it will not happen until the end of this year, said the President of the Board of Directors of EPCG, Milutin Đukanović.

Đukanović said that by maintaining current electricity prices, while all other prices were rising, citizens and companies saved more than one billion euros in the previous period.

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– We will review the situation by the end of the year. Electricity is a commodity that has a significant value both on the world market and on the stock exchanges, and I think that it is in the interest of Montenegro not to devalue a significant resource – said Đukanović.

He added that it may be an increase that will not significantly affect citizens.

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He says that there are requirements for this from CEDIS, the company’s daughter, which, Đukanović claims, made enormous efforts in this period.

The President of the Board of Directors also said that EPCG had surpluses in its energy balance during the first six months, which was reflected in the business result.

Đukanović announced that the business result on August 31 amounted to EUR 75 million, while on the same date last year it amounted to minus EUR 58 million.

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