Montenegro, one more solar power plant about to be built near Cetinje

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Sun Horizon from Podgorica is planning the construction of a solar power plant near Cetinje, and for the realization of this investment the Government has issued the company with urban planning and technical conditions.

The site for the construction of the power plant is located within the scope of the cadastral municipalities KO Lastva, KO Čevo and Prentin on the territory of Cetinje, on a total area of approx. 5,205,749 m².

– According to previously conducted analyzes submitted by the Sun Horizon company, it was determined that the potential amount of electricity produced from the solar power plant with a total installed capacity of 400 MW – the Government announced.

At the session, it was assessed that the Government contributes to the implementation of projects in the field of electricity production from renewable sources by effectively deciding on issues within its jurisdiction.

According to clarifications from the Government, urban planning and technical conditions for the preparation of technical documentation for the construction of a facility for the production of electricity from renewable resources – a solar power plant, were issued in accordance with Article 218c of the Law on Spatial Planning and Building Construction and Article 2 of the Rulebook on Detailed Criteria for evaluation of the request for the issuance of urban planning and technical conditions for the construction of facilities for the production of electricity from renewable sources of the sun and other renewable sources.

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