NewsM:tel Plans to Achieve Over 80% 5G Network Coverage by Year's End

M:tel Plans to Achieve Over 80% 5G Network Coverage by Year’s End

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The company M:tel plans to, as announced, provide over 80% of the population with access to the 5G signal in all municipalities by the end of the year.

The company stated that this is not only a technological leap but also a promise of a better digital era for all citizens.

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Zoran Milovanović, the CEO of M:tel, mentioned that in the past year, M:tel invested intensive efforts in developing new technology, installing the latest base stations at 50 key locations, and starting their integration into the network.

“As a result, by the end of last year, about 30% of the population was covered by the 5G signal. The network expansion is now unstoppable, and its full power and comparative advantage come to the fore by covering urban areas (3.6 GHz) as well as travel routes (700 MHz), supported by a robust optical network connecting 5G base stations,” said Milovanović.

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The 5G network represents a crucial milestone in Montenegro’s digital development. Its implementation will provide top-notch service to citizens and the business sector, laying the foundation for the future of digital communication.

Goran Nastić, Director of the Technology Department at M:tel, stated that they will continue tirelessly with the development of the 5G network this year, expecting that the coverage of the population will exceed 50% by the end of March.

“Our goal is to develop the network simultaneously in all regions of Montenegro, making 5G service available to the majority of municipalities by the end of March,” Nastić emphasized.

To use the 5G network, postpaid or business users need to have a device that supports 5G and register through the My M:tel platform. The service can also be activated by visiting the nearest M:tel store or by calling the Customer Service at 1600.

Key benefits of the 5G network, such as exceptional data transfer speeds of around one Gbps, minimal latency, and the ability to connect a large number of devices, open doors to diverse applications in industries, healthcare, agriculture, and transportation.

It is expected that the new 5G network will modernize people’s lives and the entire environment, providing unprecedented possibilities for improving the standard of living, comfort, and simplifying daily activities.

M:tel, a long-time leader in telecommunications in Montenegro, entered a new era of the digital age in July 2022 by deploying the first 5G base stations in Podgorica.

This initiative marked the beginning of the implementation of the 5G network, positioning M:tel as a driver of technological advancement in Montenegro. By the end of 2022, they successfully secured the necessary frequency spectrum at the auction held by the Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services (EKIP), laying solid foundations for the 5G NSA network.

M:tel will continue to support the development of startups through M:tel’s Digital Factory, providing new resources and opportunities for innovations in all areas. Business processes in companies will become more efficient, and digital services will gain new strength, offering end-users unlimited possibilities.

As a company dedicated to digital progress, M:tel is confident that the 5G network will not only enhance the way communication is conducted but also transform the way of life and business. 5G technology lays the foundation for the future, and M:tel remains a leader in realizing Montenegro’s digital dreams.

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