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Montenegro on the roof of Europe in terms of percentage of electricity from wind farms on December 9th

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According to data from the website, on Friday, December 9, Montenegro was at the top of the list of European countries according to the percentage of electricity produced from wind farms.

On Friday, two Montenegrin wind farms, Možura and Krnovo, met 34% of Montenegrin’s total electricity needs, with 2.7 GWh produced.

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Wind covered 28.6% of electricity consumption in Greece on Friday, with 37.6 GWh, and around 30% of consumption in Croatia, with a contribution of around 19.8 GWh.

WindEurope is the wind energy association in Europe, whose members are the national wind energy associations of all European countries. Data on the share of wind energy in the total production of electricity in individual countries are published daily on the website.

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Montenegro currently has the Krnovo wind farm, with an installed capacity of 72 MW, and Možura, with a capacity of 46 MW, in the power system, local media reports.

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