NewsMontenegro, numerous projects will be implemented in the Municipality of Tivat

Montenegro, numerous projects will be implemented in the Municipality of Tivat

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In the Municipality of Tivat, after a turbulent period and the last local elections, a stable government was established in the city and a record budget for this year, projected at over 24 million EUR, was announced by the president of that local government, Željko Komnenović. As he said, the implementation of numerous projects will follow, stating that this city still lacks hotel facilities.

He reminded that even the representatives of the opposition had no objections during his vote, and that this year capital investments are planned in the territory of the Municipality, for which EUR 14 million has been allocated.

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– As the first man of the city, I can say that the conditions have been met to fight for what we promised the citizens, which is to keep those funds from the budget in Tivat and to urgently influence the improvement of the local infrastructure, which has deficiencies in numerous fields – he said said Komnenović to the CGNews agency.

He said that the most urgent situation is the school facilities in the city, which is a consequence of decades of neglect of that area in the city, but also the fact that Tivat is one of the few municipalities in Montenegro that has positive natural growth.

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He pointed to the fact that Drago Milović Elementary School has over 1.8 thousand students and that it is difficult to organize classes in a school designed for classes for 600 students and added that this problem can only be overcome by building a new school building.

– Tivat will definitely get a new school in Radovići in the near future, where the regional department of the Music School and a kindergarten are being built, and according to the announcements, the investor will be introduced to the business very soon. New facilities for kindergartens and high schools are also necessary, but, although absurd, a completely new facility for the Day Center for children with special needs is also needed. The existing facility, which was opened only two years ago, is already insufficient to accommodate all residents who need it and already does not offer adequate service – said Komnenović.

As he said, the problem of solving traffic in the city is also urgent, and the construction of the Jaz-Aerodrom Tivat boulevard is especially important, which will bring benefits to everyone, including the citizens of Grblje who express certain complaints, and because of whose initiative as many as 12 roundabouts.

Komnenović also said that the local administration is on the verge of announcing a tender for a contractor for a study on traffic, which would provide an answer to the question of how to regulate traffic in the city.
– I hope that we will get an answer on how to do it, given that the opinion of experts is that it can be done in an efficient way. We already have the implementation of projects on the construction of parallel streets through higher city zones to relieve traffic through the city. Several roads are involved, expropriation has been done and tenders are already underway, and some contractors have already been selected – said Komnenović.

With their construction, as it is added, it is expected to enable easier functioning of traffic through the city, which will relieve the Adriatic highway.

When it comes to the tourist season, Komnenović points out that they were satisfied with it and that some 15% were missing for it to be at the level of 2019.

It Is to be expected that this year’s season will be complex as well, however tourism officials have already made good announcements and claim that their capacities are already booked for the summer of this year.

– Tivat still lacks accommodation units in hotels because the private sector currently dominates. In Tivat, the lack of hotel capacity is especially visible on the Blue Horizons, where Qatari Diar is delayed due to certain reasons and we do not know its fate. It is good that there is interest in the island of Sveti Marko, while I see as a disadvantage that the construction project of the Mimoza Hotel is not completed, given that the Ministry of Spatial Planning is on the move, which must give the green light for the expansion of that hotel under construction – Komnenović stated.

According to what the investors say, one of the renowned hotel brands should come to Tivat, which has a demand for a larger number of accommodation units and would be a classic hotel, which is particularly in the interest of the city.

Komnenović said that, if that request is not resolved in favor of the investor, then it will be a condo hotel, which means that it will be a reception with apartments that are privately owned, which does not meet the needs of Tivat.

– What lies ahead for us in the coming period is the valorization of the Župa locality because there is interest in investing in that area because it is the most exclusive part of the coast on the Montenegrin coast – added Komnenović, local media reports.

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