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Montenegro, NP Durmitor in the top seven most beautiful places for hiking in Europe

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The prestigious British travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, published in its online edition a list of the top seven most beautiful places for hiking in Europe, among which is the National Park (NP) Durmitor.

The National Tourist Organization (NTO) announced that among the most beautiful places for hiking, located in England, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Ireland and Spain, was Durmitor National Park, which is said to have stunning natural beauty.

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“Any attempt to describe Durmitor would lead to one fact, and that is its stunning natural beauty. With 48 peaks that reach a height of more than two thousand meters and the central part – the National Park, which has been declared a cultural heritage by UNESCO, awakens the imagination,” the article states.

Unlike the big crowds on the Montenegrin coast, tourists can enjoy nature and silence on Durmitor, and have a fantastic vacation.

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“To feel the true charms of the national park, you would have to spend at least a day or two hiking its peaks and exploring its crystalline lakes.” “You will probably have a hard time deciding which trail to take, as many of them are truly spectacular”, the article reads.

The Conde Nast Traveler magazine recommends climbing the Prutaš peak at 2.39 thousand meters above sea level and the Škrka hiking trail, during which you can enjoy the view of numerous lakes, mountains and forests in the central part of the Durmitor massif.

Conde Nast Traveler, with two million views of the online edition, about 140 thousand readers per printed edition and three million followers on social networks, is one of the most famous magazines in the field of travel.

It is part of the Conde Nast media group, which owns several prestigious publications and media, including Vogue, Vanity Fair, Reddit, Brides, Glamour, Golf Digest and others, local media reports.

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