Montenegro, New call for sale of the assets of Adriatic Shipyard was announced

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The bankruptcy administrator of the Adriatic Shipyard from Bijela announced a new call for the sale of the assets of this company, the total value of which exceeds EUR 1.16 million.

It Is a property located in Bijela, and for sale is a plot of land of 800 m2, the starting price of which is EUR 116,122, and a plot of 220 square meters, at the starting price of 31,934 m2.

The subject of the tender Is barren land with an area of ​​1,080 m2 and a starting price of EUR 174,182.

The starting price for a plot of 3,934 m2 is EUR 522,083, and for a plot of land of 1,916 square meters EUR 317,841.

The deadline for submission of offers is May 5 until 12 noon. Their public opening will take place on the same day at 1 p.m.


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