NewsMontenegro, Lidl supermarkets on three possible locations?

Montenegro, Lidl supermarkets on three possible locations?

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The international trade chain Lidl has so far bought three large locations in Montenegro for its future megamarkets, and the company did not want to talk about its plans for Montenegro, nor about the deadline when they could start working.

– Lidl is constantly considering opportunities for business expansion. In terms of retail, Montenegro is a market where consumers want the model offered by Lidl, which is the offer of high-quality products at the best prices. Therefore, Lidl is currently investing in possible locations for stores and logistics centers in Montenegro – the company stated when asked by Vijesti about current investments and expansion plans in Montenegro.

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They said that at this time they are not able to explain the details of their plans, activities, locations, and potential opening date.

– At Lidl, we value and cherish transparent and relevant communication, and rest assured that we will inform our employees and stakeholders in a timely manner about the next steps, when the time comes – the company said.

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According to data from the cadastre of Lidl Montenegro, whose founder is WE – International Zweite from Stuttgart, it owns two locations in Podgorica and one in Nikšić. In the capital, they bought a municipal plot of about 14,000 square meters from the building of the Radio-television of Montenegro, where the company Bolići previously announced the construction of a hotel and where they dug a huge hole back in 2012.

According to data from municipal documents, the city’s coffers earned about EUR 10.8 million from the sale of this location last year. They bought a plot of about 13,000 square meters from the bankruptcy administration of Radoje Dakić, for which they offered about EUR 4 million.

The plot is located on the site of the former factory, right next to the highway to Nikšić, across the street from the current Franca market. According to the same documents, they bought the former administrative building of the bauxite mine in Nikšić and the plot around and behind it, of about eight thousand square meters.

The location Is located along the 13th of July Boulevard, across from the large HDL Laković megamarket. It is not known how much they bought the site for, nor whether they bought it directly from the bankruptcy administration of Boksit or from a reseller.

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