NewsMontenegro is an increasingly popular vacation destination among tourists from Israel

Montenegro is an increasingly popular vacation destination among tourists from Israel

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The National Tourist Organization (NTO), bearing in mind the great interest from Israel in Montenegro and the excellent air connectivity, intensified promotional activities in that market, which resulted in an improved image and numerous affirmative articles, such as and reports about the Montenegrin destination.

The NTO announced that the Israeli national television Channel 13 showed the natural beauty and tourist attractions of Montenegro through contributions in popular shows with over a million viewers.

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“We are talking about four items that were shown in the morning programs of national television as part of the Good Morning Israel and Opening of the Day programs, in which Montenegro is shown as a perfect destination for Israeli tourists”, the announcement states.

The presenters of these shows, together with their guests, including well-known influencers, talked about why Montenegro is one of the most interesting holiday destinations for Israelis.

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“Maya Gur and Leon Kravitz, one of the most popular influencers specializing in travel in Israel, speaking about attractive destinations this year, singled out Montenegro as one of their favorite destinations, due to its incredible natural beauty, lakes, mountains and beautiful beaches.” They also pointed out that Montenegro has a rich tourist offer, especially in the segment of family tourism, which is particularly interesting for Israelis”, said the NTO.

Another travel influencer, Lital Trior, talked about Montenegro as an ideal family travel destination, while travel expert Rotem Alon talked about why you should visit Montenegro, which is only a two-hour plane ride away from Israel, emphasizing nature vacations and impressive landscapes.

“Montenegro is an increasingly popular vacation destination among tourists from Israel, as evidenced by the data that in the first nine months we had almost three times more tourists from Israel compared to the previous year and even a growth of about 40 percent compared to the same period in 2019 The exceptional presence in the Israeli media also contributed to this”, according to the NTO.

At the end of June this year, representatives of the leading Israeli media were on a three-day study visit to Montenegro organized by the NTO.

As a result of that visit, seven articles were published in which Montenegro was presented as an attractive tourist destination.

One such article was published in the prestigious digital and print media, Israel Today, titled Between the Mountains and the Sea.

“Montenegro is perfect for a beach holiday, but also for adventure travel full of excitement. The Mediterranean climate, old towns and picturesque landscapes make this place perfect”, states the article in Israel Today.

The NTO reminded that the distinguished editor and journalist Asi Haim, who writes for the leading printed and digital newspaper in Israel, Yedioth Ahronoth, was in Montenegro in October. During his visit, he pointed out that the diversity of the offer, with a special emphasis on the excellent offer of adventure tourism, ensures good results when it comes to tourists from Israel.

Israelis have shown great interest in the segment of business travel, and recently a group of decision makers from several Israeli companies paid a study visit to Montenegro in order to familiarize themselves with our tourist offer.

“Given the numerous potentials of Montenegro when it comes to the Israeli market, NTO will continue promotional activities in this market in the coming period, and a study visit of tour operators is also planned, as well as participation in the fair in Tel Aviv”, the announcement concludes, local media writes.

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