NewsMontenegro, construction of another prestigious five-star hotel in Kolašin will start in...

Montenegro, construction of another prestigious five-star hotel in Kolašin will start in the spring

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Kolašin will get another prestigious five-star hotel, Glamhill Resort & SPA, and construction is expected to start in the spring.

It is a very interesting concept that represents an authentic, different, and at the same time ultra-modern tourist complex.
This was announced by Prime Minister Dritan Abazović on his Facebook account.

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– The chosen solution represents a new direction in world tourism completely based on the symbiosis of man and nature. The procedures are nearing the end, and construction will begin in the spring – wrote Abazović.

He also published renderings of the building, in which it can be seen that the Glamhill Resort & Spa project was developed by architects from Montenegro and Russia. The complex will have three levels. A hotel complex with 43 houses was designed on the lower level. There will also be villas by the water, and the area of each is projected to be 132.6 m2.

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In the central part, paired villas are planned, each with an area of 135 m2, as well as duplex villas with an area of 245 m2 each. In this part of the complex, there will be a hotel, then an ethnic bar that will be located next to the pool, as well as a restaurant with a panoramic view.

The resort will also have an education center and an exhibition space.

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