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Montenegro, Can the state extend, modify or innovate the application for the Economic Citizenship Program

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The analysis of the effects of the economic citizenship program so far and consideration of the possible extension or creation of a modified solution is underway, announced the state secretary in the Ministry of Finance and the president of the Board of Directors of the Investment Agency of Montenegro, Agron Ibrahimi.

As reported by the Ministry of Finance, Ibrahimi discussed the effects of this program with Kristian H. Kaelin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Henley & Partners.

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  • The goal of the Government is to act in a transparent and legal manner in the direction of accelerated economic development of the country and better positioning of Montenegro on the investment and tourism map. The Ministry of Finance is looking at the fiscal effects, and the final Government decision will be in the interest of the economic prosperity of Montenegro and in accordance with European policies and recommendations of the European Commission – said Ibrahimi.

Kaelin presented the advantages that Montenegro can achieve by continuing the implementation of this Program, emphasizing that it makes it more visible and accessible to international entrepreneurs and investors who nowadays need mobility, positively reflecting on the overall economic development, without, as he assessed, negative effects per country.

Kaelin reminded that numerous European countries use identical or similar programs, that there is interest in the implementation of regional countries, and that, most recently, Malta successfully innovated the implementation of its program.

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  • Kaelin is the creator of the investment migration industry and the founder of the company Henley & Partners, founded 30 years ago in Switzerland, which today operates in 35 countries around the world. The company is a world leader in this field and a licensed mediation agent in acquiring citizenship through investment for Montenegro – the Ministry of Finance announced.

As they stated, Kaelin said that he has been following the economic development of Montenegro for 15 years and that the Montenegrin citizenship program through investment is recording significant successes in this area, and that he is very glad to witness this.

  • The program in Montenegro attracts the right type of applicants, that is, successful investors and entrepreneurs who are needed for state progress and who contribute to the economy, invest in Montenegro, and enable the creation of new jobs – said Kaelin, local media reports.
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