NewsUlcinj: A beacon of diversity and potential in Montenegro

Ulcinj: A beacon of diversity and potential in Montenegro

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Boris Pejović, Vice President of the Assembly, has underlined Ulcinj’s potential to become the leading tourist destination in Montenegro, a source of pride for the entire nation.

On behalf of the Assembly and himself, Pejović extended heartfelt congratulations to the residents of Ulcinj on April 6th – Ulcinj Municipality Day. He praised Ulcinj as an exemplary model of mutual respect, embracing diversity, and fostering harmonious coexistence among various ethnic and religious communities, qualities that Montenegrin society holds in high regard.

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Pejović emphasized Ulcinj’s status as a symbol of rich cultural heritage, preserving the essence of its illustrious past through numerous tales about the city and its inhabitants. He underscored Ulcinj’s significance as a melting pot of diverse cultures, where the traditions of the local Mediterranean population intertwine seamlessly with those of visitors exploring the allure of the Old Town, Velika Plaza, Ada Bojana, or Valdanos.

Highlighting the imperative of prioritizing the valorization of Ulcinj’s resources for both state and local authorities, Pejović assured Ulcinj Municipality of the unwavering partnership of the Assembly of Montenegro in this noble endeavor.

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In conclusion, Pejović reiterated his warm congratulations, expressing optimism for continued collaborative endeavors aimed at enhancing living standards and fostering prosperity within the Ulcinj community in the years ahead.

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