NewsUnlocking Montenegro's tourism potential: The imperative of classic hotels and pricing realism

Unlocking Montenegro’s tourism potential: The imperative of classic hotels and pricing realism

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The success of the tourist season hinges on the attractiveness and competitiveness of accommodation providers in pricing, particularly in neighboring markets, according to economics and tourism professor Ivo Županović in an interview with Gradsk TV.

Županović emphasized the vital importance of investing in traditional hotels to spur growth in guest numbers and revenue. However, he cautioned against relying solely on long-standing projections, as they often paint an unrealistic picture.

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Highlighting the need for Montenegro’s tourism sector to diversify and attract domestic guests to collective accommodations, tourism experts advocate for the urgent development of classic hotels.

Unlike condo hotels, which blend private ownership with hotel accommodations, classic hotels offer distinct advantages in terms of employment opportunities and infrastructure development, Županović explained.

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He warned against Montenegro’s overreliance on a single market, stressing the significance of tapping into emerging regional markets such as Serbia, the Baltic states, Eastern Europe, as well as the United States and Israel.

Anticipating a decline in tourists from Scandinavian countries this summer, Županović expressed optimism about the potential for a successful season if hoteliers and private landlords adopt realistic pricing strategies, particularly during peak times.

However, he cautioned against inflated pricing, citing competition from neighboring destinations like Croatia and Albania.

Županović also criticized the tourism industry’s reliance on outdated projections, calling for a more balanced and nuanced approach to understanding tourist arrivals and revenues throughout the year.

He urged tourism stakeholders to explore alternative forms of entertainment during the offseason to maintain visitor engagement and satisfaction.

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