NewsMontenegro's economic progress and EU aspirations

Montenegro’s economic progress and EU aspirations

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Montenegro has made significant strides in enhancing the quality of life for its citizens through a series of structural reforms and improvements in the business and investment environment, according to Montenegrin President Jakov Milatović.

Speaking at the ninth Delphi Economic Forum in Greece, Milatović emphasized that these initiatives have resulted in rapid economic recovery. He highlighted Montenegro’s unique position as a small system, presenting a substantial opportunity for swift economic convergence and alignment with European Union (EU) standards.

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Milatović underscored Montenegro’s status as the most economically advanced among the ten candidate countries, with fully aligned external and security policies with the EU. He also pointed out the emergence of a new generation of leaders who have ushered in a fresh political culture in the nation.

Addressing the audience, Milatović noted that despite Montenegro’s rich historical background, the country experienced its first change in government only in 2020, marking a new phase in democratic development.

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Since then, Montenegro has witnessed three government changes, with the transition process concluding in the presidential elections last year. Milatović hailed this shift as a significant milestone, where elections are now seen as a regular exercise of the people’s will, symbolizing the country’s political transformation and democratic evolution.

He further highlighted visible institutional advancements in Montenegro, with EU accession serving as the linchpin to ensure the sustainability of the reform agenda.

Milatović articulated Montenegro’s ambition to become the 28th EU member state by 2028, signaling to other regional countries that the enlargement process remains active and that reforms yield positive outcomes. He stressed the significance of this milestone for European continent security, emphasizing Montenegro’s NATO membership contribution to regional stability.

During the forum, where he was invited by founder Simeon Tsomokos, Milatović is scheduled to engage in various bilateral meetings.

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