NewsMontenegro's employment trends: Insights from Monstat data

Montenegro’s employment trends: Insights from Monstat data

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According to Monstat data, Montenegro had 320.1 thousand active residents last year, with 278.3 thousand, or 86.9 percent, employed.

Out of the total active population, 41.8 thousand, or 13.1 percent, were unemployed.

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Compared to the previous year, the number of employed individuals increased by 10.8 percent, while the number of unemployed decreased by 3.2 percent.

Of the total active population, 173.6 thousand, or 54.2 percent, were men, and 146.5 thousand, or 45.8 percent, were women.

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The report notes that the largest group of employed individuals falls within the age range of 25 to 49 years, accounting for 164.8 thousand. Similarly, the highest number of unemployed individuals also falls within this age group, totaling 27.6 thousand.

In terms of employment sectors, the service sector employs the highest percentage, at 77.1 percent, followed by non-agricultural sectors (industry and construction) at 18.4 percent, and agriculture, forestry, and fishing at 4.5 percent.

The survey encompassed 7.48 thousand households, gathering data on demographic characteristics for all household members (19.2 thousand individuals) and their employment status for 16.84 thousand individuals aged 15 to 89 years.

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