NewsReimagining Brskovo: Unveiling the future of Mojkovac's historic fortress and mining village

Reimagining Brskovo: Unveiling the future of Mojkovac’s historic fortress and mining village

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The call for proposals to reimagine the old fortress and mining village of Brskovo in Mojkovac attracted 12 submissions within the allotted timeframe. Following the jury’s deliberation, second and third prizes were awarded, and one entry was purchased. Notably, the first prize was left unassigned, and a planned second purchase outlined in the competition did not materialize.

The second prize was granted to entry code 16661, hailing from Serbia. The solution crafted by Ana Virijević stood out for its thoughtful approach and well-articulated design for the square, village layout, and central fortress elements. Praised for its rational and functional urban concept, the entry drew inspiration from archaeological sketches provided for the Brskovo mine site.

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Visually, the proposal presented a scattered urban structure reminiscent of medieval settlements, based on historical data from that era. The integration of various elements, including buildings, squares, and the fortress, was commendable. Additionally, the incorporation of a designated area for mining shafts showcased innovative thinking and strategic positioning.

While the first-prize-winning proposal serves as the foundation for subsequent project tendering without prior review, the jury emphasized the need for enhancements and adjustments in line with their feedback.

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Claiming the third prize and €3,000 was entry 02024, submitted by Montenegro’s Archifocus studio.

One submission, designated by code number 98989, was acquired. The Serbian author team, comprising Ivan Šujić, Anđelija Ćurčić, and Ivica Marković, received €1,000 for their contribution.

The initiative to reinterpret Brskovo’s historic landmarks aims to breathe new life into the site, fostering cultural and tourism development. As Mojkovac Municipality spearheads this endeavor, plans include relocating the old mining village to a new location and constructing a fortress, residential areas, mining shafts, and squares. The goal is to leverage the area’s historical significance for tourism promotion and economic revitalization.

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