NewsBank liquidity and assets: January overview

Bank liquidity and assets: January overview

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In January, the liquidity assets of banks stood at 1.53 billion EUR, marking a 3.95% decline compared to December of the previous year.

Compared to January of the preceding year, bank liquidity assets witnessed a notable decrease of 18.7%.

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Both daily and ten-day liquidity ratios for the banking system surpassed the required minimum thresholds.

At the end of January, the aggregate balance sheet of banks totaled 6.65 billion EUR, reflecting a decrease of 1.17% from December, yet displaying nearly a four percent annual strengthening.

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Regarding the composition of bank assets, loans held the majority share at 62.69%, followed by securities at 19.54%, and cash reserves and deposit accounts with central banks at 16.54%. The remainder, 1.23%, pertained to other asset categories.

In terms of liabilities, deposits dominated with an 81.05% share, trailed by capital at 12.58%, and borrowings at 3.13%, while other liabilities accounted for 3.24% of the total.

The cumulative capital of banks reached 837.4 million EUR by January’s end, marking a monthly uptick of 2.09% and an impressive annual growth of 20.79%.

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