NewsMontenegro, Amendments to five financial and tax laws were adopted

Montenegro, Amendments to five financial and tax laws were adopted

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The Parliament of Montenegro adopted amendments to five financial and tax laws prepared by the Ministry of Finance.

Amendments to the law on excise taxes, real estate sales tax, prevention of illegal business, corporate profit tax, budget and fiscal responsibility were adopted, reports Vijesti.

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The draft law on amendments to the Law on Gambling was withdrawn for revision, after the members of the Legislative Committee voted that it was not in accordance with the Constitution and the legal system.

Among other things, the changes provide that buyers of real estate worth more than EUR 150,000 will pay a higher tax, companies from offshore zones will have a 30% withholding tax, organizers of games of chance online and in casinos will pay higher amounts of concessions, and the increase in excise duties on tobacco products is accelerating.

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