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Montenegro, A new record in the size of the ship in the Port of Kotor

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Traffic in the Port until November at the level of 95 percent of the 2019 record.

By the beginning of November, the Port of Kotor achieved 95 percent of its turnover from the record-breaking year 2019, thus managing to compensate for part of the losses caused by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in the past two years, which caused the port to be almost completely closed to traffic.

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From the beginning of the year to November 1, a total of 414 cruise ships – ships on circular tourist trips, which brought a total of 400,899 passengers to Boka – sailed into the harbor under the walls of the Old Town of Kotor.

At the same time, 784 yachts with a total of 3,219 passengers sailed in. During this year, two military ships of allied NATO forces also arrived, which were on an official visit to Montenegro and our armed forces.

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The busiest month this year in the Port of Kotor was August, when 76 arrivals of passenger ships and 196 sailings of yachts with a total of 93,402 passengers were recorded.

Deputy Executive Director for Marketing and Development of the Port of Kotor Ljubo Radović said that 95 percent of the turnover achieved in the record year 2019 has been achieved so far.

“We are more than satisfied with what we have achieved. When it comes to the quality and size of the vessels that came to Kotor this year, we are even better there than in 2019”, said Radović, pointing out that, for example, this year a new record was established in the individual size of a ship that sailed in Kotor.

Norwegian Cruise Line megacruiser “Norwegian Epic” of 155,873 gross tons, 329.5 meters long, 40.64 meters wide, 61 meters high and with a draft of 8.7 meters, which can carry a maximum of 4,100 passengers and which came to Kotor on several occasions this summer, took over the primacy held by the largest passenger ship that had come to Boka so far – the cruise ship “MSC Divina”, which has 139,072 gross tons.

Radović pointed out that in the first half of the year, the number of passengers on cruise ships sailing in Bok was reduced by large companies due to circumstances related to the pandemic.

“In the second half of the year, that number also began to increase, and we are also satisfied in that segment,” he emphasized, adding that there were days when four cruise ships were in Kotor at the same time – one on the operational coast at Luža, and three at the anchorages in front of Dobrota, Ljuta and Orahovac, local media writes.

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