NewsLidl and Nelt Explore Acquisition of 400,000 Square Meters for Logistics Center...

Lidl and Nelt Explore Acquisition of 400,000 Square Meters for Logistics Center Development

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Two companies have reportedly planned to purchase a total of around 400,000 square meters of land and establish logistics centers and factories in Ćemovsko Polje, on the left side from the city, between the shooting range, Škoda showroom, and KIPS, according to Milan Stanović, the Secretary for Spatial Planning in the Municipality of Zeta. The investments are planned in the area of Donja Cijevna, which falls under the jurisdiction of KO Cijevna, and this part is designated as an industrial zone.

Stanović mentioned that there is no detailed urban plan for this area. The absence of a Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) and consequently no outlined structures is not seen as a business barrier by Stanović. The only recognized barrier is the delineation with Podgorica.

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Even though there is no Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) for that area, considering the legal regulations, there is a way for investors to start construction through a decision on locations of general interest. This is indeed a matter of general interest, not only for Zeta but for the whole of Montenegro, to attract such companies to our region. The decision on locations of general interest is made by the Mayor of the Municipality of Zeta – stated Stanović.

In addition to logistics centers, as Stanović mentioned, one of the investors plans to build a fruit and vegetable processing plant. He emphasizes that this would enable producers to market their products more smoothly.

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Significant areas for development, totaling over 400,000 square meters, are planned for sale by both companies. Additionally, employment for approximately 1,500 workers is planned for both investors. This is beneficial for both the capital city and the Municipality of Zeta – stated Stanović.

Stanović emphasizes that the lack of sewage infrastructure in that area is not a problem.

There is no sewage infrastructure there, and that is what we have pointed out to the City concerning the wastewater treatment plant. However, it will not be a problem because the law allows for septic bio-tanks in such situations. The main water pipeline is close, so it’s not an issue. Both investors are interested in developing access roads and all the necessary communal infrastructure for the construction land. They will attract additional investors tomorrow. I reiterate that the only business barrier is the unresolved delineation – said Stanović.

He specifies that letters of intent have been received from Lidl and Nelt Group.

This means that they are expressing their intention to purchase construction land to build logistics centers. The letter of intent is the first step. However, the procedure cannot proceed in terms of initiating processes related to the sale of land, determining the price by state authorities, etc. We have assurances from their side that everything will be completed once the delineation is resolved. These facilities do not have to be built only in business zones. Such structures can be built anywhere, but it must be designated by Detailed Urban Plan (DUP) or decision. The state will set the price for these 400,000 square meters, and from the sale, 30 percent will go to the Municipality of Zeta, and the rest to the state budget – stated Stanović.

Milan Stanović states that negotiations with both investors are blocked until the delineation with the City is resolved.

Everything is on hold until the Law on Territorial Organization is respected, and indisputable property is registered with the Municipality. Once that is done, we will continue with the activities. The parcels are registered in the cadastral records under the jurisdiction of the Capital City, while the law unequivocally treats that territory as part of the Municipality of Zeta. There is a legal impediment to dealing with anything. The Capital City cannot dispose of that territory due to the law, as it is not theirs, and we cannot dispose of it because it is not registered in the cadaster. In order to proceed, a decision on temporary delineation must be made. In the first step, we are seeking temporary delineation exclusively for the territory designated to us by the law. We have not made requests for the disputed territory, only for this undisputed one – says Stanović.

Stanović states that they have not discussed the possibility of transferring ownership of those two parcels to them because they consider them rightfully theirs.

The City proposed that we submit requests for individual parcels, and then the City Assembly approves them. That is unacceptable. There is no need for the City Assembly to approve something on our territory because they do not have jurisdiction. The law must be respected. Entering into arbitration from this position is not on equal terms because Podgorica is in a privileged position, as all the property is registered in their name, and they can dispose of it – says Stanović.

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