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In Herceg Novi, a record budget of nearly EUR 30 million – EUR 10 million for water supply in Lustica, construction of an Olympic pool, and a new hospital in Meljine

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The past year in Herceg Novi has been marked by numerous completed or initiated capital projects that are slowly but surely changing the face of the city. Mayor Stevan Katić emphasizes in an interview that the “goal of initiated investments and those planned is for Herceg Novi to become a tourist metropolis of this part of the Mediterranean, and to be recognized as a city of culture and sports, a place suitable for every citizen.”

Katić emphasizes that he is particularly pleased that, after decades of neglect, the state finally sees Herceg Novi, which is reflected through various investments by the Capital Projects Administration, based on projects prepared and initiated by the local administration.

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  • During the past year, a large number of projects were realized or are in the process of realization in Herceg Novi. We waited a long time, but we did not give up, so now the bus station is under construction, and the works are progressing as planned. It can be expected that all rough construction works will be completed by December this year, and in the first quarter of the next one, the bus station will be officially opened – says Katić. He adds that besides the bus station, an Olympic-sized indoor pool will be built, and among other projects, he especially emphasizes the construction of the water supply network in Lustica, a capital project worth EUR 10 million.
  • Citizens were tired of decades of promises that water would come to the peninsula. Finally, it is happening, and this will provide the basis for a better life for the residents, but also for the future strategic development of the city and the peninsula – says Katić and adds that the local administration is solving the problem of expropriation of land for the road in Lustica.

He also highlights the project for the reconstruction of the promenade in Igalo, worth around EUR 3.5 million, which, along with paving and arranging the promenade path, included the complete replacement of sewage, water, and atmospheric networks, as well as new public lighting.

  • I am pleased that the contractor for the reconstruction of the promenade from Meljine to the Plaža hotel has been selected through the tender of the Maritime Affairs. When the job is completed, the promenade, for which Herceg Novi is recognizable, will be completely arranged, secured, and protected – notes Katić.

Tens of streets in Herceg Novi have been repaired and asphalted, with the local government allocating around EUR 1.7 million for this purpose last year. Sidewalks, stairs, and public lighting have also been improved. More than a million euros were invested in the repair and improvement of the water supply and sewage network.

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  • The budget for this year, in the amount of EUR 29,123,000 for our municipality, is historically the highest in the last 30 years. It reflects a responsible and domestic approach of the local government, speaks of the rapid development of the city for which we have created conditions and represents the result of responsible work of the Municipality and the Administration of Local Public Revenues. Certainly, a strong investment momentum, great interest of investors who buy and build, open their companies and operate in Herceg Novi contributed to this. That is why there is a visible jump in property tax revenue, reaching the amount of EUR 10 million, which was our goal achieved through responsible work and effort. Of course, we continue at the same pace in this year – emphasizes Katić.

Regarding the problems that need to be urgently addressed, Katić mentioned the issue of the functioning of the Wastewater Treatment Plant. He expects this problem to be resolved by summer because “we must not allow problems that we had during last year’s tourist season to recur.”

Regarding coalition government and relations within it, Katić says that he expects it to be stable, and even if there are any deviations, everything can be resolved through agreement and compromise.

  • We will continue to improve the city, build it to the satisfaction of citizens, tourists, but also to justify the significant awards we received last year and in previous years – concludes Katić.

Monitoring the Problems of the Meljine Hospital, Planning the Construction of a New Health Facility

Katić points out that the situation at the General Hospital Meljine is closely monitored, and they are simultaneously working on the construction of a new hospital.

  • We initiated the construction of a new hospital in Meljine, for which the Government has given consent for the conditions. It is planned on a plot not far from the existing one because we want to be able to say with certainty that citizens and guests have good health protection, that we have provided conditions for various programs to be realized in the Institute, for which the proximity of the hospital is a basic condition. So, we will continue to support the magnate that is the Meljine hospital, and we will try to provide the city with another health institution so that no citizen would be anxious and dependent on how the complicated legal processes in the existing hospital will end – says Katić.

Government to Take Better Care of the Institute

  • When it comes to the Institute, we expect the Government to deal more responsibly with solving the status of this institution, which has economic importance not only for Herceg Novi but for the whole of Montenegro. I expect the process to continue in which the state takes over the debt to Jugobanka in bankruptcy because that is its responsibility, to resolve the issue of the Institute’s property because the continuation of the procedure for the construction of a school in Igalo depends on it. Everything that is within the competence of the local government has been completed, but we are tied for further action and depend on state institutions and their responsible approach to this issue – says Katić.

He also emphasizes that if Herceg Novi is to become a tourist center, new hotel capacities are needed, and the first thing is to solve the decades-old problem of the poor privatization of Vektra Boka.

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