NewsPrivate accommodation in Montenegro is the most affordable on the Adriatic

Private accommodation in Montenegro is the most affordable on the Adriatic

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Private accommodation in Montenegro is the most affordable in the region, and the increase in prices, which can range up to 30 percent, does not change the fact that we have the most affordable facilities on the Adriatic, Branka Džoganović, president of the Association of Private Accommodation Providers in Montenegro, said in the show “Link”.

During her guest appearance with journalist Gorica Vukićević, she said that the summer tourist season is just around the corner, and that providers of private accommodation are in a very difficult position and that the state is not helping them sufficiently.

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“We have a problem when it comes to promotional and pricing policy because we need support to round off the story and offer our product on the market, and for now everything is marketed individually and the sales effect is not appropriate,” said Džoganović.

He says that the interest of tourists in our country is huge and that it started during the New Year holidays, and that the attendance has already exceeded the previous year.

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“The entire coastal area has more visitors, and as a destination we are the most favorable in relation to the entire region, and that is something that should be emphasized.” One can very easily determine the accuracy of these statements when comparing the data. In relation to the current price increases, even with an increase of up to 30 percent, we will remain the most favorable as far as the Adriatic is concerned. For example, in Budva, in the peak season, you can find accommodation for 65 to 85 euros, and in the pre-season for 28 euros, because you can easily negotiate with accommodation providers,” says Džoganović.

She points out that registered providers of accommodation do not have the support of the state, and that there are too many who work in the gray zone and are not registered, but they provide their accommodation.

Private accommodation is not on the list of priorities of the authorities, and then it is difficult to implement action there.” When they don’t have you in the program, the action plan is in vain, because they don’t find it necessary to dedicate themselves to private accommodation. “We miss the Ministry of Tourism dealing with us,” Džoganović pointed out.

She says that the Law does not work for them, either, because it restricts those who have registered accommodation from engaging in some other activity. “People limit themselves like that, and then there are more and more of them in the gray zone,” Džoganović pointed out.

According to him, the inspection is a “necessary evil”. “Which should come at the end when you have rules and regulations on how to manage real estate, they just need to check it.” However, there is chaos here and I don’t see that the inspection can bring denials,” concludes Džoganović.


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