The average salary in Montenegro without taxes and contributions in January amounted to EUR 757

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The average salary without taxes and contributions (net) in January amounted to EUR 757 and was 4.1% higher compared to December last year. Compared to the same period last year, the average salary recorded a growth of 10.3%. As reported by Monstat, the average gross salary in January was EUR 940.

– If it is taken into account that consumer prices in January 2023 compared to December recorded a growth of 0.4%, it follows that real wages for the same period recorded a growth of 3.7% – notes Monstat. By sector of activity, average earnings without taxes and contributions in January compared to the previous month recorded growth in the sectors of education by 10.1%, real estate business by 8.4%, health and social protection by 8.2%, and construction by 8.1%. %.

Growth was also recorded in the sectors of artistic entertainment and recreational activities 6.5%, administrative and auxiliary service activities 5.1%, information and communication 4.7%, mining and stone extraction 4.4%, accommodation and food services 4.4 %, and agriculture, forestry and fishing 2.3%. The average salary also Increased in the activities of water supply, waste water management, process control; waste removal and similar activities 2.1%, state administration and defense; compulsory social insurance 2.0%, manufacturing industry 1.9%, transport and storage 1.3%, wholesale trade and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 0.5%.

– A decrease in the average net salary was recorded in the sectors of professional, scientific and technical activities 5.4%, other service activities 1.5%, supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 1.2% and financial activities and insurance activities 0.2 % – conclude from Monstat.

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