NewsSeamless cross-border toll payment: JP Putevi Srbije users can now pay tolls...

Seamless cross-border toll payment: JP Putevi Srbije users can now pay tolls in Montenegro with single tag device

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Monteput has announced that users of JP Putevi Srbije’s electronic toll payment system can now conveniently pay tolls in Montenegro with a single tag device.

Prior to travel, Serbian ENP users are required to register on the Toll For All platform. Once registered, they can seamlessly pay tolls electronically without stopping at toll booths or the Sozina tunnel.

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Since April this year, Montenegrin ENP users have been able to utilize their tags in Serbia as well.

Explaining the process, Monteput stated, “Registration on the platform is straightforward. Users simply need to link their payment card with the tag device. This enables toll payments directly through the payment card, bypassing the need for a user account with Monteput.”

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For detailed registration instructions, users can visit the Toll For All webpage or contact the provided phone number 020 684 777. Additionally, information is available on Monteput’s social media channels.

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