NewsMontenegro, Even a drop of prices is possible in the coming period

Montenegro, Even a drop of prices is possible in the coming period

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A dramatic increase in prices is not expected in the coming period, and there will also be a drop in prices, said Goran Đurović, the Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, in a guest appearance on Vijesti Television’s Colors of the Morning.

He also warned that all global events are transmitted here as well.

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Đurović pointed out that the current government has done a lot and significantly mitigated the impact of inflation.

He reminded that the prices of certain foodstuffs are limited and that Montenegro is one of the rare countries where the price of electricity has not increased, and the excise duty on fuel has been reduced.

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– I think that for now the price of fuel should remain as before, but that is within the competence of the Ministry of Finance.

Đurović also said that many prices in Montenegro are lower than in the countries of the region.

He pointed out that the arrival of the Lidl company will increase competition and lead to an even better position for consumers, local media reports.

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