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Montenegro, Construction of a 5-star hotel-apartment complex Mia Budva could begin in the spring

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The Budva company Mia investments, which brings together Turkish businessmen, has not given up on the project of building a 5-star hotel-apartment complex Mia Budva, which would consist of two towers of 15 and 16 floors each on a plot of 8,500 square meters in front of the Adriatic Fair hall.

This is what the company’s legal representative, Miloš Komnenić, told Vijesta.

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Construction could begin in the spring.

The construction sign was put up before last summer, when it was announced that the construction of the first of two, 15-story hotels, which they intend to finish by May 2025, would begin.

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That the application for construction by Turkish investors is legal was confirmed in September of last year by the Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ana Novaković Đurović, stating that an inspection of the Ministry’s archives revealed that the investor Mia Investments submitted an application for the construction of the facility on May 27, 2020, and accordingly Article 91 of the Law on Spatial Planning and Building Construction states that the investor has acquired the condition for construction.

The project, which was approved in March last year by the Directorate of the Chief State Architect (GDA), which was then managed by Mirko Žižić, will build two towers of 15 and 16 floors each, and the project itself is worth EUR 70 million. It is a hotel-apartment complex with a total of 358 accommodation units in the form of hotel rooms, studio apartments and apartments with a total number of 858 guests. Construction should begin on the plot owned by the Safiro beach resort company, with which the Turks concluded a joint construction contract four and a half years ago.

As was recently told to Vijesti, one of the problems that caused the Turkish investors to not immediately enter the construction operation in October, after the construction ban ended, is that they were waiting for the problem that the owner of the plot, the Safiro beach resort company, has with Novi Sad to be resolved. By the company Carinvest RS, owned by the family of the former mayor of Budva, Marko Carevic.

The plot was mortgaged by the Novi Sad company of Tsarević’s son in April of last year, after it took over the million-dollar debt of the “beach resort”. Then there was a “conflict” between the two companies. Turkish businessmen have been waiting for years to get permission from the relevant ministry. Namely, on December 25, 2019, Mia investments first received approval for the preliminary design of the future Mia Budva hotel. At that time, this government department was coordinated by the then Prime Minister Duško Marković.
Marković’s department previously overruled the decision of the then chief city architect of Budva, Ana Samardžić, who refused to approve the construction, considering that the appearance of the future complex deviates from the Mediterranean look.

The Administrative Court accepted the appeal of the Municipality and overruled the consent and sent it back to the Chief State Architect for re-decision, who approves the conceptual design.

The municipality blocked the plot again, Safiro settled the tax?

The municipality of Budva once again blocked an attractive plot of 8,500 square meters in front of the Adriatic Fair hall, because Safiro beach resort did not pay the real estate tax despite warnings. The latest mortgage was registered on February 6 in the cadastral records due to a tax debt of EUR 27,000.

– A mortgage in the total amount of EUR 27,293.76 in favor of the Municipality of Budva – a decision on securing a tax claim of the Local Public Revenue Administration – is written in the real estate list, which Vijesti had access to.

As previously reported by Vijesti, the mortgage was registered on January 20 in the name of a tax debt of EUR 82,000. Safiro beach resort, as the representative of the Turkish company told the News, settled the tax liability.

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