NewsUnlocking Luštica's potential: Montenegro's path to elite tourism

Unlocking Luštica’s potential: Montenegro’s path to elite tourism

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Montenegro’s potential shines brightly, with Luštica emerging as a standout destination that could rival Europe’s elite tourist spots, according to discussions between Prime Minister Milojko Spajić and representatives from Orascom Development, led by President Naguib Samih Sawiris.

During the meeting, the government underscored that the current investments in Luštica Bay represent just a fraction of the ambitious plans set by the investor. Hence, it’s vital for the administration to swiftly address requests to expedite ongoing projects and kickstart new investments.

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Spajić highlighted the importance of ongoing reforms aimed at bolstering the rule of law, a crucial factor that also signals encouragement for potential investors.

“I see this as a positive signal for all those interested in utilizing your services,” remarked Spajić, emphasizing the pivotal role of infrastructural development, including road networks and the airport, in facilitating Luštica Bay’s ambitious endeavors, which promise benefits for all stakeholders.

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Orascom Development expressed readiness to ramp up their investments, expressing satisfaction with the collaborative spirit fostered with governmental ministries and relevant institutions since the inception of the 44th Government.

CEO Omar el Hamamsi conveyed contentment with the government’s supportive stance towards their business expansion efforts.

“While our investment journey has just commenced, our conviction in Luštica’s vast potential remains unwavering. We envision a partnership that spans decades, aiming for sustainable growth,” stated El Hamamsi.

Discussions encompassed a thorough examination of outstanding issues critical to the seamless development of Luštica’s potential. The government stressed the importance of maintaining momentum, a key driver for further enhanced collaboration.

Furthermore, recognizing the pivotal role of workforce education in business improvement, joint seminars are planned to enhance staff skills, facilitated in partnership with Orascom Development’s Swiss branch.

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