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Government of Montenegro and the Capital City to launch cable car project from Lovćen to Cetinje

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In a recent meeting between Prime Minister Milojko Spajić and Mayor Nikola Đurašković, it was announced that the Government of Montenegro and the Capital City will initiate the construction of a cable car from Lovćen to Cetinje at the earliest opportunity.

The Prime Minister emphasized that this is a highly promising project that will receive full support from the Government of Montenegro, with funds allocated from the capital budget for its construction.

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It was noted that three essential studies are underway to prepare the project for financing, and conditions may be set by June to designate funds for the cable car from the budget. During the meeting, it was highlighted that this is the most significant investment for Cetinje at the moment, with realistic expectations for the project’s completion by the celebration of the 20th anniversary of independence.

Discussions also covered other major infrastructure projects such as the construction of a new sports arena and the reconstruction of the water supply network, a long-standing concern for the citizens of Cetinje.

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Furthermore, talks revolved around the interest of foreign investors and the potential for the proper utilization of the Upper Obod area.

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