Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Countries with excellent bilateral relations

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The Nikšić – Čapljina railway has officially become part of the expanded TNT network, which is good news for Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, the priority of the two countries remains the construction of the bridge and the reconstruction of the road on the route Šćepan Polje – Hum.

This was assessed during the meeting of the Minister of Capital Investments, Ervin Ibrahimović, with the Minister of Communications and Transport of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edin Fort. As announced by the Ministry of Capital Investments, it is good news that the railway line Nikšić – Čapljina has officially become part of the extended TNT network.

– This creates the conditions for the two countries to jointly apply for European financial funds and to provide support for that project – it was assessed during the meeting.

As reported by the Ministry of Capital Investments, the ministers also discussed the bridge construction project in Šćepan Polje. Ibrahimović said that certain developments have been made when it comes to the most important road connecting the two countries, in terms of the formation of a working group that will monitor the dynamics of the implementation of the construction of this bridge.

– I am glad that today we confirmed that this is a joint priority to which both sides will pay special attention in the coming period – he added.

According to his words, both parties must further plan the reconstruction of access roads, that is, entire sections of the road, which is a challenge bearing in mind the complex configuration of the terrain and the significant funds needed for complete modernization.
Forto pointed out that it is very important for him to review the priorities at the state and regional level at the beginning of his mandate.

As he assessed, this conversation was an opportunity to agree on the next concrete steps and to give strong support to the complete cooperation of expert teams at the level of line ministries in order to speed up the dynamics of project implementation, specifically the construction of the bridge on Šćepan Polje. Forto and Ibrahimović also discussed the project of the Adriatic-Ionian highway, the capacities and development plans of the port of Bar.

– Ibrahimović also presented some of the projects in the north of Montenegro, the goal of which is to ensure the even development of all Montenegrin regions, and to provide the citizens of the north with a new perspective and a better quality of life – the announcement reads.

The ministers also assessed that Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) have excellent bilateral relations and must develop such cooperation in economic exchange as well.

The fact that the meeting was arranged and arranged very soon after the establishment of the new Government and the appointment of the relevant minister in BiH, is an indicator of the common intention to intensify activities related to the realization of several priority, infrastructurally important projects.

– Our two countries have excellent bilateral relations and the fact is that we must develop such cooperation in economic exchange as well – said Ibrahimović.

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