NewsMany joint projects are in front of Montenegro and Serbia

Many joint projects are in front of Montenegro and Serbia

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As part of the cross-border cooperation program between Montenegro and Serbia, more projects are expected in the coming period, said Ana Raičević, national authorized officer for financial management of IPA funds.

The Ministry of Finance announced that Raičević is on a working visit to the Ministry of Finance of Serbia and that today she met with the Assistant Ministers of Finance, Marko Jovanović and Jovana Zdravković, regarding the development and improvement of cooperation between the IPA structures of the two countries.

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Raičević said she was pleased with the opportunity to discuss not only the strengthening of future cooperation, but also the development of new models of coordination of activities between the operational structures of the candidate countries, with the aim of attracting as many funds as possible from the European Union (EU).

She pointed to the excellent cooperation between the two ministries.

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“Raičević pointed out that, when it comes to the cross-border cooperation program between Montenegro and Serbia, 19 projects have been successfully implemented through three calls for proposals and that more projects are expected in the coming period,” the announcement states.

The interlocutors, when it comes to the functioning of the IPA system and structure, bearing in mind the dynamics of EU integration, stated that the challenges are similar in the technical sense.

The Ministry said that It was jointly agreed to organize bilateral meetings and workshops regarding the exchange of experiences of the Directorate for Management Structure and the Directorate for Financing and Contracting EU Aid Funds of the Ministries of Finance of Montenegro and Serbia.

“The interlocutors exchanged opinions on the plans for the next financial perspective, IPA III, both on the appearance of the structure in terms of implementation, as well as on the essential and operational role in the next financial perspective,” the announcement states.

Raičević pointed out that it is necessary to focus the staff retention policy in the IPA structure and apply an adequate and improved motivational policy, not only through the two existing forms, IPA supplements and training, but also other modalities, which are applied in the modern practice of human resources management.

“The interlocutors exchanged opinions on other issues related to the better functioning of the IPA structure system and agreed on concrete models of cooperation between the two ministries for the next period,” the announcement says.

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