NewsAustrian companies interested in processing industrial waste

Austrian companies interested in processing industrial waste

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The energy and mining sectors are in the focus of foreign investors, with Austrian companies expressing interest in industrial waste processing, according to a meeting between the Minister of Energy and Mining, Saša Mujović, and the Austrian Ambassador to Montenegro, Karl Muller.

“Geopolitical changes and a very dynamic energy market, as well as the necessity for the development and implementation of new energy projects through the ‘green transition’ process, pose a challenge for decision-makers in this field,” assessed Mujović and Muller.

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The two countries have good bilateral relations that serve as the basis for strengthening economic cooperation, and the energy and mining sectors are of interest to foreign investors.

In this context, Ambassador Muller presented Mujović with the interest in the field of industrial waste processing, specifically red soil or slag/mud, from which rare and extremely valuable metals can be extracted. Ambassador Muller highlighted that such collaboration at the expert level, with the exchange of valuable experiences that Austria possesses, represents a good opportunity for enhancing the economic relations between the two countries.

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“The potentials and resources we possess regarding mineral wealth, predominantly in the northern and central regions of the country, have not been sufficiently and appropriately valorized,” said Mujović.

“The exchange of experiences with a country like Austria would mean progress in our further development in this field,” he emphasized, inviting the ambassador to establish connections with interested companies from Austria on an operational level to concretize the model of future cooperation.

Mujović and Muller also discussed current topics, including the evident interest of foreign investors in the Nikšić Ironworks after the recently announced public call, as well as the development of projects in the field of renewable energy sources.

“The balance that the state must find between the construction of development projects, environmental protection, and the views and demands of citizens is crucial for their successful implementation. Without dialogue and compromise, it is challenging to reach common solutions,” concluded Minister Mujović, adding that communication with representatives of the civil sector, citizens, and NGO activists will be one of the guidelines in the future work of this ministry.

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