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A festival for all tastes – The Mimosa Festival in Herceg Novi gathered tens of thousands of people

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The sun, true spring temperatures, and numerous events celebrating mimosa brought together tens of thousands of people in Herceg Novi over the past weekend. The festival for all tastes began on Friday with the sounds of trombonists, the raising of the flag at the city gate, and the handing over of the city keys to the carnivalists. The fun continued the next day with the traditional Mimosa Harvest in Baošići.

With over 25,000 guests at the opening and more than 35,000 visitors at the Mimosa Festival of Fish and Wine, this year’s 55th Mimosa Festival is poised to break all records. These numbers are not final, as the event continues until March 3rd, with about 50 different entertaining, cultural, and gastronomic events along the entire Herceg Novi Riviera, alongside approximately 20 sports events.

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Opening the traditional floral celebration, the Mayor of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić, said that the Mimosa Festival signifies joy, strengthens existing friendships, creates new ones, defies winter, heralds spring, brings fun, and celebrates life.

“That’s why the festival has been going on for 55 years, and we nurture and develop it with special care. Over 70 programs await you until March 3rd, and I believe that each of you will find something interesting and enjoyable,” Katić said.

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He stated in a media statement that they expect this to be a record-breaking Mimosa Festival, as evidenced by the large number of people at the first events organized.

The Mimosa Festival has long exceeded regional boundaries; it is heard of in almost all countries, as confirmed by the large number of arrivals from all over the world to the Herceg Novi Riviera during this period. We strive to tailor the program to all ages, and I think it’s brilliantly conceived this year. When people come to us, they enjoy the sun, mimosa, wine, festivals, a good and positive Mediterranean atmosphere, as we know how to create it in Herceg Novi,” said the Mayor.

He pointed out that Herceg Novi is a city to which everyone returns, which has numerous friends throughout the region, and where everyone feels at home.

“Indeed, a few years ago, Herceg Novi received the title of Champion of Southeast Europe Hospitality, which it certainly deserves,” Katić said.

The most popular event is undoubtedly the Mimosa Festival of Fish and Wine, which this year gathered over 35,000 guests from Montenegro, the region, and the whole world. A river of people followed the solemn parade of majorettes, trombonists, the Herceg Novi City Music, the Đenović Local Music, and the Masquerade, starting from Kumbor and moving towards Đenović, where the Trio Mare band performed, and then to Baošići, where the atmosphere was enhanced by the Stari kapetan klapa and the Trio gušt band.

At the 12 fires, approximately 1,500 kilograms of fish were fried, around 350 kilograms of mimosa were distributed, along with 700 liters of wine and 1,300 liters of beer.

Milja Vitorović, the director of the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, expressed satisfaction with yet another more than successful start to the event, which will last for the next two weeks.

“We couldn’t have opened this 55th Mimosa Festival better, so after the ceremonial handing over of the city keys to the carnivalists, we had a great concert by Halid Bešlić. There are a large number of people in Herceg Novi, predominantly from Serbia, Republika Srpska, and North Macedonia, but there are also many foreigners. Data from the regular weekly overview shows that on February 15th, we already had a 30% better attendance compared to the previous year. Today, we saw a river of cars pouring into Herceg Novi, as well as a large number of people at the event itself, so I think we will surpass last year, and this one will be a record-breaking one,” said Vitorović.

Interest in the Mimosa Festival is growing from year to year, so an extra bed was sought not only in Herceg Novi but also in surrounding cities.

  • This year, more than 20 hotels of various categories and sizes have been opened in the city, and a few days ago, we additionally opened another larger hotel, and the capacities are already filled. Many hoteliers in surrounding cities have boasted that they have also filled hotels thanks to the Mimosa Festival, which we are very pleased about. The problem causing not all hotels to be open is the lack of workforce,” said Vitorović.

She invited everyone to visit Herceg Novi in the coming period because the organizers have prepared a large number of events.

“What I would like to highlight this year is the musical ‘Blossom, Little Mimosa,’ which will be held for the first time. The premiere is scheduled for February 22nd at the Park Hall. Additionally, there is cooperation between the Tourist Organization and the Nikola Tesla Museum, so all citizens will have the opportunity to visit the interactive exhibition at the Park Hall from March 28th. This will be a great opportunity for children and young people to learn more about the life and work of Nikola Tesla, but also to have fun,” said the director of the Tourist Organization.

Herceg Novi is gearing up for the upcoming summer season. Promotion has been completed at almost all major world tourism fairs, and representatives of the Tourist Organization will be at the fair in Belgrade next week.

  • This is one of the most significant markets for us, not only in terms of tourism promotion but also because of strong friendly and family ties with Serbia. That’s why we always strive for our presence at the Tourism Fair in Belgrade to be special,” emphasized Vitorović.

Herceg Novi was declared one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world last year. According to Vitorović, the city is increasingly establishing its position on the global tourism map.

  • We were somewhat in the background for about 30 years, however, this has been changing in recent years, and Herceg Novi is attracting tourists from all over the world. Several four and five-star hotels have opened in the city, and we have become an attractive destination for travelers worldwide,” concluded Vitorović.

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